Hello, and welcome back to the Alden Roofing blog! Today, we’re going to cover a topic that’s extremely relevant to anyone with a roof over their head — roof inspection. More specifically, we’re going to talk about inspecting your roof. When you, specifically, should do it, and when you should call your local roofing experts at Alden Roofing for a professional roof inspection.

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Inspecting Your Own Roof
If you have a roof, chances are that you take it for granted. We’re not giving you a hard time, we’re just saying the truth! It’s easy to take something for granted when it performs as it should a majority of the time. That being said, according to the National Roofing Contractors Association, you should take some time to check your roof’s status at the very least two times a year. However, that number increases if you’re in an area with intense weather (and Texas has some brutal weather).

Now what should you look for if you’re checking the state of your roof? In short, look for broken, damaged, and discolored roofing elements.

Your Shingles
When checking shingles, look to see if there are shingles that are missing, broken, bubbling, cracked, or blistering. Additionally, if you see some shingles that are covered with moss, lichen, or other types of vegetation during your inspection, that’s also a red flag.

If you find any shingles like these, they’ll need to be replaced.

Your Roof Features
Check your roof’s flashing, its caulking, its gutters, and its other features for defects. Specifically, look for features that are damaged with cracks, rust, or structural deficiencies. Additionally, look for roof features that are downright missing!

If you find any of these issues during your inspection, you’ll need repair or replace those affected features.

Finally, look for fallen tree limbs and other debris on your roof. Large tree limbs could pose major structural problems, and smaller debris could result in clogged gutters, or other problems on your roof.

In the event that there is a lot of debris on your roof, you’ll need to remove it!

When To Call The Professionals
The intention of inspecting your own roof is to identify roof issues that need to be addressed by your local roofing experts. Let’s take a look at the instances where you should call Alden Roofing for an in-depth roof inspection.
Damaged Shingles
If your roof is afflicted with damaged or missing shingles, they need to be replaced. A professional inspection will help you identify the scope of your repair.
Leaks Or Water Damage
If you’ve found leaks in your roof or on the inside of your home, call for an inspection immediately! Roof leaks can be disastrous if unattended.
Structural Issues
Whether you’re missing flashing, a chimney is falling apart, or your gutters are in disrepair, you should have the experts check it out.
Storm Damage
If there is a tree that’s fallen on your roof, or any other embodiment of overt roof damage, get Alden Roofing to your home to inspect the roof right away. While this level of damage requires repair or replacement, the first step is an inspection to diagnose the scope of the repair or replacement project.

If you need a roof inspection, be sure to call Alden Roofing today!


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