Roof Repair & Maintenance in Greater Austin, San Antonio and Dallas

Extend the life of your Texas roof with regular maintenance.

Common Types of Roof Damage:

  • Roof Leaks
  • Missing/cracked/curling shingles
  • Dark spots on the roof
  • Blistering of paint on the interior & exterior
  • Wind & hail damage

See more common roof problems.

Roof repair and roof maintenance go hand in hand, as good maintenance will limit the scope of repair jobs as time goes on. Minor tasks such as sealing leaks and replacing damaged shingles will preserve the life of your roof and maintain its overall quality. Additionally, it’s often possible to put off the major expense of total roof replacement by making small spot repairs as necessary.

And let’s face it, when you live in Texas, chances are that you’ll need a roof repair (or roof replacement) eventually. This means that if you employ the services of Texan roofing experts like us, damage can be mitigated and emergencies can be avoided. 

Whether you need roof repairs or a full roof replacement, we are the local roofers you can trust. Alden Roofing serves the Greater Austin area, providing roof replacements and repairs done by a certified, experienced team of roofers. 

If you are experiencing problems with your roof, a thorough inspection, along with our roofing services, will give homeowners around Pflugerville, San Antonio, Georgetown, Dallas, and Fort Worth the peace of mind of knowing that your roof is prepared to withstand any type of weather.

Alden Roofing is the Greater Austin Area’s Top Rated Local® Roofing Contractor, with an overall score of 93.37, meaning our past clients have been more than satisfied with the services we provide.

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