Learn more about Alden Roofing's recent work requests in Austin, TX
Vicinity of Great Circle Cv in Austin
We'd like to get an estimate to seal some exposed fasteners and roof/wall transition flashing points.
Vicinity of Hearthstone Dr in Austin
Need roof inspection report and bid for replacement cost of entire roof.
Vicinity of Highland Hills Drive in Austin
We'd like someone to come over to quote repair of roof. Roof is mix of shingles and flat roof.
Vicinity of Avenue D in Austin
Addition to home has a leak where roof adjoins original house to add-on
Vicinity of South First Street in Austin
Building a 25 unit condo project in south austin w/ tpo roofing. would you be interested in bidding?
Vicinity of Garden View Drive in Austin
Vicinity of Chesterfield in Austin
TPO residential new
Vicinity of Garbacz Dr in Austin
Found shingles in yard so assuming there is some sort of wind/hail damage from last few storms. Would like to get it inspected to see what type of repair and maintenance is needed.
Vicinity of in Austin
We are perspective home buyers in the process of getting an inspection done. In addition to the standard home inspection, we would like to have someone who specializes in roofing take a look at ours. We have a short option period so ideally I would like to have someone come out this week or early next.
Vicinity of Bowman Avenue in Austin
Master bathroom seems to have a couple leaks. Would like someone to come out to the house to provide repair/replacement quotes. Thanks!
Vicinity of Valley View Dr. in Austin
We have 2 soft spots that need repair
Vicinity of Barn Owl Dr. in Austin
I have seen a few shingles lying on the ground by the side of my house
Vicinity of Esplanade St in Austin
Have old roof and now have a hole in it. Need to replace.
Vicinity of in Austin
Need to get a quote on replacing about 113,000' square of PVC membrane. This job is about 4 years out but I need the numbers to prep budget.
Vicinity of West Gate Blvd in Austin
I would like to get an estimate for repairing or replacing our flat roof.
Vicinity of Koenig Lane in Austin
Metal roof repair asap!!!
Vicinity of Avenue C in Austin
Replace a sheet metal roof on garage 400 to 500 sq feet est
Vicinity of in Austin
Leaking roof. Water dripping on the inside. Roof also may be too heavy for structure.
Vicinity of Joy Street in Austin
15 year old manufactured home has slow leak damage considered a manufacturing defect by the insurance company. Looking for financing options.
Vicinity of Crownover in Austin
Need a quote to repair a roof of a property I manage currently vacant.
Vicinity of Joe Sayers Ave in Austin
We have a roof leak in the living room whenever there is a heavy rain. We need someone to take a look and give a quote for fixing the leak and repair the living room ceiling.
Vicinity of in Austin
20sqft area leak. Tiles are intact but issues with the waterproofing it seems
Vicinity of Running Brush Lane in Austin
We have shingles that need replaced on our two story house.
Vicinity of in Austin
I have an old satellite stand that the original owner left on my roof. Can you remove it and how much does it cost ?
Vicinity of Ridgetop in Austin
Looking for estimate to replace an aging metal roof with spanish tile style as part of a conversion of this home from modern to santa barbara style
Vicinity of Pasatiempo Dr in Austin
Leak in the roof... water coming from smoke detector after yesterday's storm...
Vicinity of Brodie Springs Trail in Austin
Front roof repair. wind damage
Vicinity of Summer Canyon Dr in Austin
There is a small hole and missing shingles in the decorative roof part of our main house roofing. Would like to get this looked at and repaired appropriately. Need a quote for this work.
Vicinity of Kilt Court in Austin
Roof leak...see black mold in corner of inside wall.
Vicinity of Shoal Creek Blvd in Austin
Third story shallow pitch roof has 12 year old roll roofing that needs to be replaced. I would like to move to a PVC roof for durability and solar rejection.
Vicinity of Navigator Dr in Austin
I have a small roof leak around a roof vent that needs repaired.
Vicinity of Golf Crest Lane in Austin
Tile roof leak has caused damage to roof and the wood. Need an estimate to repair please. Thank you.
Vicinity of in Austin
Although our house is only 8 years old, our flat roof is holding water and we are not confident it will hold up much longer. We need to replace it as soon as possible. We'd like an estimate for roofing materials for flat roofs as well as other options, such as adding a slight pitch. Thank you!
Vicinity of Wood Acre in Austin
Need a quote to fix or replace tpo roofing done by a bad installer.
Vicinity of Rusty Fig Dr in Austin
The gutters on a house I recently purchased have pulled the fascia board. The gutters have been removed (by a gutter company) but the fascia board needs to be re-affixed to the roof and a smaller (approximately 1x2 trim board needs to be replaced). I estimate that around 20-25 of the fascia board (I think a 2x6 piece of cedar) needs to be properly re-secured. Also some of the shingles may need to be replaced because they have pulled up where the fascia disconnected.
Vicinity of Bella Cima Dr in Austin
Flat roof balcony
Vicinity of Teri Rd. in Austin
New Building, Need to hire Roof Sub Contractor - Need to a TPO roof. If interested Send me an email and I will send you architectural drawings so you may make a bid.
Vicinity of in Austin
Evaluate rear building to ascertain if it needs a new roof.
Vicinity of Slingshot Rd in Austin
We have a leak around one of the things coming out of the roof. I cannot figure out which one!
Vicinity of Hargis Creek Trl in Austin
It seems there is a very slow leak. Need leak fix.
Vicinity of Mauai Drive in Austin
We have lost a few shingles on our roof lately and now have a leak. From inspection of the attic area, we can see four areas along the peak of the roof. We want to get a free estimate on how much it will cost to repair the necessary area.
Vicinity of Addison in Austin
Looking for estimate for the flat roof portion of our house
Vicinity of Fawn Trail in Austin
I have some broken concrete titles and need to replace- please help
Vicinity of Berkeley Cove in Austin
We would like to get an estimate for the work that needs to be done on our roof. Below is a brief overview of the issues we have been told are wrong: Our roof is Asphalt Shingles and there are some that are worn, damaged and/or missing. The Trim, soffi, fascia boards are in need of repair. Flashing is lifting, ill configured or missing. Brick Chimney not properly flashed and counter-flashed. Gutters not securely fastened to the roof. Lastly, some attic areas are inaccessible, which means we have inadequate attic access.
Vicinity of Buell Ave. in Austin
Would like to receive a quote for the replacement of the roof at 2620 Buell Avenue in Austin, a building that I own. The property is open from 7:30 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. You are welcome to come look at the roof anytime during this window. Thank you. Thank you.
Vicinity of El Rio in Austin
We have the house listed above under contract and are in our option period. We just had an inspection done and there is an area of roof damage where a tree has been scraping. We want to get an estimate for a repair as soon as possible. The tree has since been cut back and the damage is located on the back right corner of the house. I have the inspection if you would like to see it. Thank you advance...Gretchen
Vicinity of Nueces in Austin
Looking for a company to make a bid for installation of TPO roofing in the project I work as a Construction Manager, please send me by email your email address so I can share with you the plans via dropbox.
Vicinity of Ledesma Rd. in Austin
My roof was damaged in a recent storm. I have an insurance settlement and am now looking at estimates to do the necessary repairs. It is a flat, modified bitumen membrane roof. If you are able to come out and provide an estimate for the repair work, I'd love to hear from you. Best, Will
Vicinity of Michael Neill Dr in Austin
The recent storms have exposed a small leak somewhere along my roof line, possibly a lifted tile or just some flashing popped loose by painters. Need someone to come fix asap. thank you
Vicinity of Mansfield Dam Ct. in Austin
Residential Flat roof. House was built in 2005. We purchased the house in 2011. We suspected their were previous problems with leaks. The inspector did not uncover any remnants of leaking in detail. The leaks are now significant. The internal damage is a concern. We are seeking a company that knows the flat roof structure and how to repair/redo and not "bandaid" the leaks.
Vicinity of Silver Screen Drive in Austin
Roof has loose/missing shingles from wind storm last week.need repair asap before the next rain.
Vicinity of Poynette Place in Austin
Missing shingles/tab-fragments on my roof. Tar paper exposed in a small area.
Vicinity of Pe!le Path in Austin
Ceiling in living room has water dripping when it rains.pitched ceiling..drips from edges of 16"round sun tube..also close to fireplace..we resealed with tar..no difference
Vicinity of Duval Street in Austin
Looking for a quote to put a TPO roof on a flat sundeck, 310 sqft. No slope, currently with 3/4" CDX ply decking.
Vicinity of Hearthside Drive in Austin
Need quote on two tpo flat roofers
Vicinity of Pheasant Roost in Austin
Estimate, new roof
Vicinity of Sebastians Run in Austin
When we had those storms late last Spring, my roof was damaged and needs to be replaced as well as gutters, vent covers, window trim, etc.
Vicinity of Clifford Dr. in Austin
We need to re-roof a parody cover that is approximately 10 squares, that is a guess. I am on the board of this non-profit and was asked to get bids that will fix the leaks before they get worse.
Vicinity of Sparta in Austin
Loose flashing --- missing flashing --- exposed roofing nails --- not leaking yet.
Vicinity of Ephraim RD in Austin
Roof leak at fireplace single floor.
Vicinity of Tupelo Drive in Austin
My residence roof needs replacing..This will be through my homeowners insurance. they have already looked at and determined that my roof needs replacing.
Vicinity of Flagstaff Circle in Austin
Need shingles repair immediately due to insurance decline.
Vicinity of Hawks Canyon Circle in Austin
Just discovered that we've had a roof leak.We have a tile roof.
Vicinity of Jockey Bluff Dr. in Austin
My ceiling is showing signs of water damage. I'm not able to find the source of the leak in the attack and I am not able to see anything wrong from the rooftop. I'd like to get an inspection and an estimate. Thank you.
Vicinity of Heron in Austin
3000-3500 square feet new building with a pitch of 5/12. I will appreciate if I can have your estimates for different type of roofing.
Vicinity of in Austin
Represent the HOA of a four unit condo community,and need to get an estimate on future replacement cost for a TPO roof. Thank you.
Vicinity of Post Rd. Drive in Austin
Roof leaks in hard storms particularly around vent pipes. Leaks are not general but seem to be primarily in one area at the back of the house.
Vicinity of Wood Chase Trl in Austin
One leak in roof that I know of (from last storm). Would like an estimate to fix the leak and check for any other unknown roofing issues.
Vicinity of Hookbilled Kite in Austin
Need to inspect the (tile) roof to make sure no hale damage before winter arrives!
Vicinity of in Austin
Interested in a quote for a PVC roof installation on about 850 sq ft of flat roof.
Vicinity of Park View Drive in Austin
We need our flat roof replaced (over an addition and our carport). Do you use TPO?
Vicinity of S Mopac Expressway in Austin
I am collecting bids to replace our current EPDM roof with either another EPDM roof or possibly SPF. I am available Mon-Fri 6:00am-3:30pm. Please feel free to reach me by phone or email.
Vicinity of Birmingham Drive in Austin
We have one shingle folded back that needs to be repaired or replaced.
Vicinity of Abilene Trail in Austin
Need an estimate to reroof my house
Vicinity of Canyon Rim in Austin
Need shingels replaced
Vicinity of Etna Drive in Austin
We may have hail damage from the storm in April. We would like it if your company could give us confirmation of damage and an estimate for repairs or replacement.
Vicinity of Bowman Avenue in Austin
Our screen room has a leaky wooden roof. Recently a section of the roof became misshapen and we also see signs of a black mold. Our roof needs repair, please advise.
Vicinity of Crystal Creek Drive in Austin
Need quote on new build. Ready for tiling.
Vicinity of Shoal Creek Blvd. in Austin
I would like a quote for a complete removal of existing roofing and shake decking. Replace with OSB/Plywood decking and architectural asphalt shingles or standing seam metal roofing.
Vicinity of Autumn Oaks Dr. in Austin
When mowing the yard, my son found several shingles that had fallen off of the house during the recent storms. Need to see about getting those shingles replaced.
Vicinity of Rainlilly Ln in Austin
I am buying a house. From outside I see shingles coming off. I need to make sure somebody can verify the roof and confirm the issues and provide me a cost to fix these issues.
Vicinity of Parliament Pl. in Austin
I would like to have quote for my new residential construction please let me know your email so then I will send details. thank you
Vicinity of Uvalde Creek Dr in Austin
Recent hail storm damage, insurance totaled the roof. Looking for estimates on repair/replacement.
Vicinity of Josh Lane in Austin
I have a concrete tile roof and I can see that some tiles are broken. And it appears that water is leaking into an inaccessible attic space below that area. I need this repaired and the rest of the roof inspected.
Vicinity of in Austin
I've lost 2 shingles from my roof through the storms. I have a two story home and the shingles are missing from close to the top of the roof. I still have the shingles and they appear to be in very good shape. My roof is 3 years old.
Vicinity of Walnut Bend Drive in Austin
My roof and gutters were damaged during the memorial weekend storms. I would like to get a quote on repair and additional gutter installation. Thank you.
Vicinity of Arbor Oaks Cv in Austin
We have a cement tile roof. Had some water spots appear after heavy rains. Worst area revealed water coming down the wall on newly painted ceiling and wall in living room. I don't see any tiles out of position. Thank you
Vicinity of Waller St in Austin
Well the age roof is about 17 yrs old and I have very little leaks in the attic so not for sure if just a minor repair or need to replace it.
Vicinity of St Stanislaws in Austin
Lost roof shingles and tar paper, in two places on roof resulting in interior water damage.
Vicinity of West Live Oak St in Austin
I'm looking to replace a 10 year old asphalt flat roof with a tpo roof. Looking for someone to provide a quote as i'm looking to make a decision by next week. Thanks.