Now, we’ll dive into the different measures we’ve put into place in both our office and field teams to eliminate contact between people.

Untouchable ProtectRIGHT System — In The Office

In the office, we’re fortunate to be isolated from outside visitors, making it a low-risk area. Our employees are able to socially distance from each other, and take the time to sanitize their workspace and belongings multiple times throughout the day, each and every day.

Any meetings our office conducts or partakes in are held virtually, any employees feeling the slightest bit unwell have been staying home to get healthy and protect others, and we are having professional cleaners thoroughly sanitize our entire office on a weekly basis. Finally, we’ve been dialed into the CDC’s guidelines and following those to take every possible step to keep everyone safe.

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Untouchable ProtectRIGHT System — In The Field

Yes, we are still doing our roofing work. We’re doing it responsibly, and like we said above, in addition to following guidelines and taking extra precautions to ensure we’re low risk, we’re also eliminating face-to-face contact with customers during this time. This may seem confusing, but it’s actually quite convenient, and most of all, safe right now.

Here’s how we’ll do it. All communications will be held via phone or email — this includes scheduling, updates, payments, reports, estimates, and more all can be communicated virtually. We can even video-chat if you’d prefer that. If you have interior leaks or other roofing-related issues that we need to know about, don’t fret. This goes both ways! You can send us photos and documentation of interior damage during this time.

Going further, we don’t need to have any personal contact with you when we inspect your roof, deliver materials, or even when we’re working on it. Again, we’ll expertly complete your roofing project without having to directly interact with you face-to-face. Then, when we finish doing work/inspections/deliveries/etc., we’ll tag up with you via phone or email to update you, get signatures digitally, get payments, and more.

To add to our Untouchable approach, you can see our printed folder in digital form here: Alden-Roofing-Folder

Do you have questions about how this is going to affect your roofing job? No matter what you need, please contact Alden Roofing today.

Alden Roofing

There is no denying that these are frightening and devastating times. At Alden Roofing, we’re doing our very best to ensure we help our community how best we can, while also doing our part to prevent the spread of this pandemic.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us today. We look forward to helping you through this difficult time.