Alden Roofing Wins 2018 Small Business of the Year
in Pflugerville!
Pflugerville, TX – February 1, 2019
2018 was an eventful year for Alden Roofing! We got to lead a huge community service project for a local deaf family, won 2nd Place in the Annual Pflugerville Chili Pfest, aided residents of the Texas coast after Hurricane Harvey, helped start the Central Texas Roofing Contractors Association and so much more! We were thrilled to have been chosen for the 2018 Small Business of the Year in Pflugerville!

With the lack of registration, licensing or even insurance requirements for Roofing Contractors in the State of Texas, consumers get scammed by so-called Roofers and have nowhere to turn for help. This gives our industry a bad name. So, it is even more of an honor to be recognized by our community for the good that can come from the roofing industry.

The Big Reveal of the Home Makeover for Pflugerville
November 30, 2018
The big reveal for a deaf Pflugerville family of six took place Sunday, and KVUE was there to capture the special moment just in time for the holidays.
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Time Is Ticking On Hurricane Harvey Claims!
Pflugerville, TX – March 9, 2018
Alden Roofing is a United Corpus Christi Chamber Member, and would be a great resource for an interview at a job site or at their location.


Why to File

Even if you were one of the fortunate coastal residents who’s home sustained minimal damage, you could have damage that you are unaware of. Strong winds can create stress points on a roof that can compromise the integrity of the roof and lead to interior damage that may not show immediately due to a roof that is not functioning as it should.

This can start by just a few missing shingles or shingles sticking up. These are reasons to get a professional inspection right away. If these damages go unrepaired it will cause further damage to the property.

How to File:
To start the claims process, have your policy information available and contact TWIA’s 24-hour call center at 1-800-788-8247, Option one, report a claim online, or contact your agent.

Once you’ve reported your claim, a TWIA representative will contact you as soon as possible. If necessary, please make any temporary or minor repairs to protect your property from further damage. Remember to take photos of the damage, keep receipts and records of payment for any temporary repairs. Do not begin making permanent repairs until a TWIA-assigned adjuster or representative has contacted you and inspected your property.

Shop Local and Benefit Toys for Tots!
Pflugerville, TX – November 18, 2016
Alden Roofing and  Toy Time in Pflugerville are partnering together to benefit Toys for Tots through the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT). For every $200 spent at Toy Time now through December 12th, Alden Roofing and Toy Time will purchase a new bike and helmet for a child in need this Christmas.

Alden Roofing is a local Roofing Contractor who is Licensed through the Roofing Contractors Association of texas. Alden Roofing and Toy Time will donate towards a bike and helmet for the RCAT’s Toys for Tots Fundraiser this year. See the “punch card” below!

Toy Time is a local Toy Store in Pflugerville that has unique and wonderful toys for the holidays! They also include FREE GIFT WRAPPING!
Santa will even be there on the weekends starting November 26th!
It is free to visit with Santa! Guests can bring their own camera and take their own photos! Children can write a letter to Santa and put it in his mailbox with a return address and they will get a letter back in the mail! Santa also gives cookies to all the kids that visit with him.
Restoring a Home for the Holidays!
Pflugerville, TX – November 15, 2016
An elderly Lady in Arlington, Texas lives alone and desperately needs a new roof but can not afford one. Alden Roofing is giving her one for free!

Alden Roofing is giving back to the community during the Holidays!

Daniel Alden with Alden Roofing heard about Jeanette Tillery, an elderly lady in her 70’s who lives alone in Arlington, Texas in a trailer home who desperately needs a new roof. Her roof is leaking in almost every room of her home. She is on a fixed income and does not have the means to pay for a new roof. She was a victim of an unscrupulous “financial adviser” after her retirement that took all of her savings and her investments for retirement. She did not find out about the scam until the scammer passed away.

In addition, the leaks caused interior damage to her ceiling and Alden Roofing will be repairing that for her as well.

Alden Roofing will be replacing her roof free of cost and with an even better shingle than she has now! Her roof is scheduled to be installed the week after Thanksgiving. She will be proud to show off her new roof and to live in a home that is free of water damage!

Alden Roofing has Office Locations in Austin, San Antonio, DFW, Del Rio and El Paso. We are always looking for ways to give back to the communities we serve.

We will also be available in all areas as an expert for interviews on roofing or construction related topics.

Thanks for taking a look at the press releases from Alden Roofing! If you’re in need of our expert Texan roofing services, or have a question for our team, contact us today via the button below.