On June 18, 2012 the Alden Family lost a part of our family and our heart. We would like to honor our Heather Alden by making kindness a priority every June 18th. She changed the lives of everyone she met. We hope you will help honor her and make someone’s day by making kindness a priority today as well. Be the reason someone smiles today!
Make Kindness A Priority Day
Here are just a few of the ways you can be kind to someone today!

  • Pay for the person behind you in a fast food line
  • Write a note of encouragement to a family member, co-worker or random stranger
  • Give a stranger eye contact and a smile
  • Give a care-pack or buy food for a homeless person
  • Buy a dessert for someone at a restaurant
  • Compliment someone
  • Pick up trash in your community
  • Thank your employees
  • Thank your boss
  • Put gas in someone’s car
  • Be kind in traffic.. and let them merge


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