Most Texas residents are surprised to find out that the State of Texas does not require a roofing contractor to carry any kind of licensing or insurance policy; there is not even a registration process in place. This means that, legally, a roofing contractor can operate unregulated and uninsured, which is why Texas has one of the highest rates of contractor fraud.

Not only are there currently no roofing licensing requirements in Texas, but the state also historically has the most hailstorms per year in the country. Lack of regulation or licensing in Texas opens up Texans to more opportunities to be scammed.

Top Five States For Major Hail Events, 2017 (1)
(1) One inch in diameter or larger.
Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, National Weather Service.
The Good News:
The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT) offers a voluntary license with testing and insurance requirements as well as thorough screenings for roofing contractors in Texas. You can ask the contractor you are considering hiring if they hold this voluntary license or search for one in your area on the RCAT website at
RCAT provides specific steps for contractors to succeed
Melanie Knox, an Owner of Alden Roofing, volunteers her time as the President of Central Texas Roofing Contractors Association (CTRCA), a local chapter of the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT). With this title, Melanie is also on the board of RCAT at the state level.

The purpose of CTRCA is to better the roofing industry and protect Texas consumers. They do this by offering the following:

  • Education for contractor members on various industry related topics
  • Education for Texas consumers to avoid fraud
  • Assistance to RCAT at the state level to get licensing in place in Texas
  • Strict membership guidelines:
    • Each member must be established, TEXAS BASED, roofing/waterproofing contractor whose principal business has been roofing/waterproofing for a minimum of one (1) year to be eligible for membership as a Contractor Member.
    • Contractors must carry a minimum of $300,000 General Liability Insurance. Proof of insurance coverage must accompany membership application for approval.
    • Contractor membership applicants must be sponsored by both a current RCAT Contractor Member AND a RCAT Associate Member (Supplier/Manufacturer).
    • Contractor members must subscribe to the Code of Ethics, abide by its Bylaws, support its objectives to maintain membership.

As a leader in the roofing industry, our goal is to implement change at the State level and create laws that will protect consumers. Until then, we recommend thoroughly vetting your contractor and using organizations, like RCAT, to ensure they’re a legitimate operation before stroking a check. You can find more information on what to look for in a contractor here.


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